A Father and Son Crossbow Hunt

Passing on the traditions of hunting is something my families look forward to. For the Newby family it was something that both Scott Newby and his son Cullen had discussed and excitedly looked forward to.  Scott first brought his son, Cullen to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries deer camp during the 2022-23 deer season for Cullen’s first crossbow hunt with hopes of a doe. While things didn’t go quite as expected Cullen had stated he couldn’t wait to come back. Cullen returned this past season with Scott to face the challenges and excitement of deer hunting once more.

Hunting with a Crossbow

Moments before the shot.

Scott and Cullen’s return to Texas for a crossbow hunt was fueled by the desire to make this hunting trip even more successful. They aimed to get Cullen his first official doe with a TenPoint Venom X crossbow. The hunt took place at a stand the team affectionately called the “Jinx” stand after Kevin’s Giesecke’s famous moment of knocking down a feeder backing up a trailer.  

Scott and Cullen would be hunting from a setup that consisted of a HAWK Down and Out Blind that’s plenty spacey enough for them as well as Kevin. Despite various wildlife distractions, including cows and other animals, Cullen maintained his focus. His patience paid off as a group of doe returned after being scared off by a small herd of cows.

When a doe presented the perfect opportunity, Cullen took the shot, you can see the full hunt below.

A Bonding Experience

For Scott, the experience was about more than just the hunt. It was an opportunity to bond with his son and share in the passion of hunting whitetail.

The hunting trip also served as a lesson in respect. Scott emphasized the importance of respecting the animals, the people who make the hunts possible, and the weapons used. This respect was instilled in Colin through practice and guidance.

Scott’s hunting trip with his son was a blend of tradition, teaching, and triumph. It was a time for Scott to share his passion with Cullen, create lasting memories, and instill values that go beyond the hunt.

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