An Unforgettable Whitetail Buck

Joe Williams of Lumberton, NC embarked on an extraordinary hunting trip to South Texas in November of 2023, where he spent several days pursuing whitetail deer. This adventure was made possible through a donation Yamaha Outdoors made to an event hosted by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF).   Joe had bid on a hunt before, and this hunt had really piqued his interest. Joe had first attended a CSF event last year at Childress Vineyards in Lexington, North Carolina.

This initial event opened Joe’s eyes to the incredible work of CSF, leading him to participate in their online auctions. This year, he was fortunate enough to win a hunting package that included a rifle with a suppressor, a scope and an exclusive hunting trip with Wade Middleton at the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries Deer Camp.

Discovering the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation

Joe was deeply impressed by CSF, particularly their alignment with the values of outdoor enthusiasts like himself. He appreciated that every dollar spent with CSF supports crucial initiatives in hunting, fishing, and conservation. Whether it’s lobbying for favorable hunting regulations or advocating for the protection of public lands, Joe knows his contributions to CSF are making a difference.

Setting Out on the Hunt

a group of whitetail doe

Arriving in South Texas felt like entering a different world for Joe. Accustomed to the hardwood forests of eastern North Carolina, the unique landscape of scrub brush, cacti, and thorny bushes was a stark contrast. His excitement and curiosity were palpable, especially as he anticipated encountering the renowned whitetail deer of Texas.

On the first morning, Joe, his son Evan, and their cameraman Kevin set up in a blind overlooking a natural clearing. They were immediately greeted by the sight of several deer moving around, creating a thrilling but nerve-wracking environment with so many alert animals on a calm early November morning. They were greeted by a large group of doe and fawns, quail, a road runner, and a lone spike. The only thing missing was a whitetail buck that got Joe’s heart pounding.

The Double Main-Beamed Buck

Two whitetail bucks

After the first morning sit, Wade pivoted and moved  Joe and Evan to a dry creek bed where a large double main-beam whitetail buck had been spotted on Stealth Cam trail cameras several days in a row. With no blind specifically setup there, Joe, Evan, and Kevin setup in some turkey chairs behind a pile of brush and waited patiently to see what would show up. Joe’s son Evan spotted the deer first as came from the brush line along with another buck. The excitement and suspense was intense as Joe made the shot. After giving it time, they soon found the buck down in the dry creek bed just 30 yards from where it was shot. It was a magnificent 13-point buck, a true trophy by any standard, and Joe’s biggest whitetail buck to date.

Reflecting on the Experience

Father & Son with a Double Main-Beamed Whitetail Buck

Sharing this hunt with his son made the experience even more special for Joe. They had been hunting together for years, but this trip allowed them to create unforgettable memories. Joe cherished the opportunity to share this moment with Evan, knowing it would be a focal point in their family’s hunting legacy.

“I’m going to be able to look up at that deer and I’m going to remember this entire weekend and what it meant for Evan and I.” – Joe Williams

Joe’s South Texas hunting trip exceeded all expectations. From the warm hospitality and delicious meals prepared by Angel Middleton to the seamless functionality of the Yamaha side-by-sides, every aspect of the trip was exceptional. Joe was immensely grateful to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation for providing this opportunity and is eager to participate in future events and auctions.

If you would like to learn more about the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation click here.

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