Yamaha Racers Go Hunting

The 2021 Yamaha Writer’s Event brought some of Yamaha’s top racers from the Yamaha Racing Team to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries deer camp to put down their racing gear and pick up their archery equipment. The hunting conditions for the Yamaha Writer’s Event will be challenging for our hunters. They are going up against a 20+ month drought in the area. So a lot of deer have broken up already, and it’s early season.

The first hunter we go out with is Chad Wienen, a seven-time AMA Pro ATV MX Champion. Chad has only shot a bow recreationally before now, so this will be the first time he’ll take to the woods with it. He’s looking to not only get his first whitetail but to fill the freezer and feed his family. However, Chad must battle buck fever to bring that meat home.

Our other Team Yamaha Racer, Walker Fowler, is a Six-Time Grand National Cross Country XC1 Pro ATV Champion, and he brings all the eagerness and excitement that only a first-time hunter can express. Walker has chosen to pick up a TenPoint Crossbow for his hunt, and he’ll be venturing out in the all-new Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 Side-By-Side.

It’s tradition each year for Yamaha to bring outdoor writers to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries Deer Camp to showcase Yamaha’s lineup of Side-By-Side vehicles in a real-world off-road environment. The purpose of this is for the chosen writers to get real-world and hands-on experience with the Yamaha vehicles instead of just reading a press release. This year, however, Yamaha shook things up and brought in two racers from their racing division. Chad Wienen & Walker Fowler are both multi champions in their respected racing divisions were introduced to the Yamaha Wolverine X4 and the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 Side-By-Sides. These vehicles were their means of transportation as they enjoyed a week of hunting and trail riding with these Proven Off-Road Vehicles.

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