Hunting With The Yamaha Wolverine RMAX

Scott Newby from Yamaha joins us in deer camp following the annual Yamaha Writer’s Event. In this episode we’ll learn more about Yamaha’s newest Side-by-Sides and then later, Scott is off to the Guajillo for an evening rifle hunt.

Scott has really evolved and come a long way as a hunter. Scott is very patient, very passionate, and wants to do the right thing, which is a great testament to somebody when it comes to hunting.

Scott being in camp is also an opportunity to learn more about the new Yamaha Wolverine RMAX Side-By-Side’s functionality. In this episode, Scott heads across the deer lease in the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 and shows us why this recreation side-by-side can handle anything you throw at it when it comes to hunting.

The area where Scott is hunting is called the Guajillo, an expansive valley flat type area with a couple of oak trees in the backdrop where we have some tripod stands set up. This area is a rifle hunter’s dream! This is perfect because Scott got a lot of time perfecting long-range shots with the Thompson/Center Compass II and Trijicon Huron Scope combo we got set up for him.

With the possibility of 300 – 500 yard shots never knowing what will show up at any given time, this is sure to be an exciting hunt!

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