A Rainy Whitetail Adventure in Kansas

During the fall of the 2023 Deer Season Scott Newby and Steve Nessl of Yamaha Outdoors and Wade Middleton of Whitetail Diaries journeyed to Kansas to hunt whitetails with Coal Creek Outfitters for the second year in a row. The hunt was to target the famed Kansas whitetails that can grow into giants. As they set out to explore the rugged terrain and lush landscapes of this mythical hunting destination it was apparent that the weather was going to present some challenges as relentless rain fell from the sky for the entire first part of the hunt.

Amidst the flood warnings and muddy trails, they were determined that there was no way they were going to sit this one out at camp. As Wade has said many times before, you can’t kill one sitting on the couch. Their approach to hunting in the rain was rooted in meticulous planning and a keen awareness of their surroundings. Rather than adhering to traditional hunting philosophies, they opted to rely on instincts and observations of the local landscape. Armed with scouting reports and historical data from scouting cameras and insight from their friends at Coal Creek Outfitters who manage these properties, they set off on a multi-day hunting adventure.

Recommended Gear

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