Unveiling the Boss Buck 600lb Stand and Fill Sled Feeder

In the realm of game feeders, the Boss Buck 600lb Stand and Fill Sled Feeder takes center stage as a formidable addition to any hunting arsenal. Capable of holding 600lbs of feed (300lb capacity also available), this innovative feeder is making waves with its unique features and sturdy design.

Easy to Assemble:

Boss Buck 600lb Stand and Fill Sled Feeder

Building the Boss Buck 600lb Sled Feeder is a breeze. Delivered in a nearly ready state within a box, the feeder quickly comes together with simple snap-and-bolt mechanisms. This means minimal hassle for users, allowing them to quickly setup a feeder with minimal excursion with at least two people.

Easy Maneuverability with the Sled Design:

Legs on a sled feeder

One standout feature of the Boss Buck 600lb Stand and Fill Feeder is its sled design. The sled proves crucial when relocating the feeder across diverse terrains. The well-thought-out angle of the legs facilitates seamless movement, ensuring that even long moves become effortless. This becomes particularly handy for hunters who often need to shift their feeders to new areas to attract game effectively based on the conditions.

Varmint-Proof Construction:

Boss Buck has prioritized varmint counter-measures with a cage built around all four sides of the feeder. This serves as an effective deterrent against varmints, birds, or other unwanted guests attempting to access or damage the feeder. The heavy-duty wire construction ensures the security of your feed, reducing the chances of spills or waste.

The encapsulated design of the motor and strategically placed battery and timer further enhances the Boss Buck 600lb’s resilience. This setup protects these crucial components from prying hands and ensures they remain secure from interference by animals or varmints.

Versatile Timer System:

Man opening compartment on a sled feeder

The user-friendly timer system accommodates various preferences, from preset options to customizable schedules to cover any situation and need you have. Whether you prefer automatic settings or want to fine-tune the feed times based on your specific management goals, the Boss Buck 600lb provides flexibility to suit your needs.

Innovative Feed Plate Design:

TImer going off on a sled feeder

The feed plate design is another highlight of this feeder. The Boss Buck 600lb Stand and Fill Sled Feeder is engineered to channel feed to the sides away from gathering directly under the feeder. This eliminates the common issue of feed collecting underneath where bucks or exotic animals with large antlers may have a tough time getting under the feeder to reach your feed. This feature not only prevents damage to antlers during the growing period but also ensures that game species can access the feed without difficulty.

Transparent Feed Level Monitoring:

window in a sled feeder

A built-in window on the side of the feeder provides visibility into the feed level, offering a quick and convenient way to monitor the remaining feed. This feature proves invaluable for hunters who want to stay informed about feed levels from the comfort of their Side-by-Side or trail camera without physically inspecting the feeder.

Convenience Features:

Beyond its functional design, the Boss Buck 600lb Stand and Fill Sled Feeder boasts user-friendly features like a lid that can be conveniently hung to the side, eliminating the need to place it on the ground. Additionally, the inclusion of a solar charger adds a long-lasting charge while ensuring that your feeder remains operational with ease.

Whether you’re managing a large hunting lease or a small piece of acreage behind your house, the Boss Buck 600lb Stand and Fill Sled Feeder emerges as a reliable and efficient feed tool. With its robust construction, innovative features, and user-friendly design, this feeder is poised to redefine the standards of wildlife management. Invest in the Boss Buck 600lb for a worry-free and effective approach to feeding game on your hunting grounds.

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