A South Texas Bow Hunt

by Wade Middleton

The Rocking U Ranch is a haven designed for outdoor enthusiasts and families seeking an exceptional getaway. Having explored numerous global hunting destinations, I can confidently say that Rocking U Ranch stands out as an exceptional gem.

This ranch is a testament to the passion for white-tailed deer, evident in its exceptional management and top-tier facilities. From hunting and fishing amenities to private casitas for guests, the dedication of the team ensures a memorable experience, irrespective of one’s background. The seamless coordination among the team members adds to the charm of this exceptional destination.

Meeting up with Chris Clarkson, an old friend from my Triple 7 Ranch days, added a nostalgic touch to the trip. It was incredible to witness his evolution from a part-time fishing guide to overseeing hunts at Rocking U Ranch while reminiscing about our shared past.

Our Hunting Strategy

Hunter in ground blind during bow hunt

The hunting strategy we implemented on this bow hunt mirrors techniques prevalent in many parts of Texas, particularly in the mesquite-rich terrains south of San Antonio. The previous year, when I was fishing at the Rocking U Ranch, I couldn’t help but notice the giant rubs found throughout the property. Big rubs= BIG DEER. So setting up a pop-up blind along a rub line between where the deer bed down and where they feed was a decision both Chris and I were confident in.

During my bow hunt, I was using my BlackOut NV-3 Bow coupled with the Garmin Xero A1i Pro Bow Sight, camped out in a BlackOut X5S Ground Blind. Introducing a large ground blind might initially startle the deer, but with repeated exposure, they become accustomed to its presence.

In an effort to blend with the natural surroundings, I often augment pop-up blinds with native brush for better camouflage. Yet, despite these measures, remaining inconspicuous during calm moments remains crucial. Watch our video below to see how we tackled this challenge.

Rocking U Ranch

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