“Getting Lucky in Kentucky”

As Deer season around the country slowly started to open, Scott Newby of Yamaha Outdoors found himself hunting the Kentucky countryside along with the rest of the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries crew for the opening week of Kentucky’s Velvet Bow Season at Salt River Outfitters. Kentucky holds a special place in Scott’s heart as he lived in Kentucky not too far from where he is hunting and he couldn’t wait for the new season to kick off.  As with many hunters he was feeling a mix of emotions ranging from excited to cautious, as he thought back on his past hunting adventures in the area.

Whitetail Buck in Velvet in Kentucy
Captain Hook

Scott’s first Kentucky whitetail hunting trip did not turn out as hoped – he went home empty-handed after a freak of buck nicknamed “Captain Hook” (due to a hooked kicker off his main beam) gave him the slip. Never to be seen again. But things turned around for the better the next season he hunted, when he harvested a magnificent eleven point from the same food plot where he spotted “Captain Hook” the year before.

Scott getting ready for the first hunt of the season

This year, Scott finds with a fresh load of confidence has he has been practicing hard with his brand-new bow setup, the Blackout NV-32, decked out with the latest Garmin Xero A1i Pro bow sight. Scott was also eager to hit the trails with the new 2024 Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000, one of Yamaha’s latest Proven Off-Road Side-by-Sides.  Scott had recently taken for a spin on some rough terrain at an event in North Carolina. After showing off its performance on rugged trails, he was excited to see how it could help with hunting – loaded down with gear and hopefully soon a buck in velvet.

Scott was aware of the unpredictable factors an early season hunt can bring. A supermoon and weather with highs reaching the mid 90s can certainly influence the deer movement.   What that effect would remain to be seen.

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