ATV and Side-By-Side Checklist Before You Go Hunting

Things to Check on your ATV and Side-by-Side

Before Your Next Hunt

by Yamaha Outdoors

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First thing you should always do before any hunt is you want to make sure your gear is ready. You want to make sure it’s in good working order because the last thing you want is to be out in the field and have something go wrong and not be prepared. Of course, one of those things to check is your ATV or Side-by-Side before you go out in the field.

Check All your Fluids


So there are some basic things you can go over to make sure you’re good and ready to ride. It primarily comes down to some simple maintenance. Do a standard oil change before you head out. If your vehicle has been sitting over the winter or for long periods of time, you’ll want to have nice, fresh oil.

Look over all your fluid levels and make sure you clean your air filter. Be sure there’s nothing clogged in it or getting in the way. If your ATV or Side-by-Side sits over winter, sometimes mice like to get it in there and chew at some wires and nest. 

Check Your Tires

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Also, be sure to check your tire pressure. If you don’t know what your tire pressure needs to be at, you can look in your ATV or Side-by-Side owner’s manual. It has all the information that you need in there.

Another thing is checking out your lug nuts to ensure they’re all tight and good to go. A lot of times just from regular riding, that stuff can loosen up on you as well. 

Avoiding a Dead or Weak Battery

Yamaha Side-by-Side driving through farm WOLVERINE RMAX4 1000 XT-R

One of the big things that people always seem to overlook is the battery. If your ATV or Side-by-Side’s battery has been sitting over the winter, check your battery’s level. The best thing about our proven-Off Road ATV and Side-by-Sides is you can take them out whenever, but if you only use them for hunting, you’d want to put them back in storage.

A lot of times before you even put it into storage over the winter, you could put a trickle charger on the battery to make sure that your ATV or Side-by-Side’s battery is at full capacity for when you go back out again next year.

Keep It Clean

Yamaha Side-by-Side driving through water WOLVERINE RMAX2 1000 SPORT

Knock off a lot of the dirt or mud that may be stuck in those hard to reach areas, and grease them up too. If you leave dirt or mud on there, sometimes it can rust away, especially if you’ve got a nick or ding. So ensure your ATV or Side-by-Side is nice and clean after every use so it will be a lot easier to use and be ready to go the next time you’re heading out to the field.

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