Bow Hunting and Why We Do It

It is time for the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries’ annual trip to Kentucky to go bowhunting for velvet whitetail. The crew once again sets up camp with Salt River Outfitters a few days before the weekend opener. As everyone gets settled in, we went around and asked them when they first got started in bow hunting and what they love about being called a bowhunter.

In this episode, we’ll join up with Steve Nessl of Yamaha as he embarks on writing an ending to his Whitetail Diaries Entry of harvesting a buck in full velvet. Steve has been coming to Salt River Outfitters for a few years now and has had some success but he has never had the chance until now. Loaded up in his Yamaha RMAX 1000 Side-By-Side and Garmin Xero follow along with this Steve on this incredible hunt!

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