Yamaha Brings CO Sensor to Full Generator Lineup

Yamaha Generators Enters the Next Generation of Protection Standards

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, has updated its full line of inverter and conventional generators with Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor technology to meet the Portable Generator Manufactuers’ Association’s™ (PGMA®) ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 carbon monoxide emissions standard. 

Yamaha EF3000iS Generator

Already featured on the EF2200iS since mid-2021, the CO Sensor is now standard on the EF3000iS/iSEB, EF4500iSE, EF5500DE/D, EF6300iSDE and EF7200DE/D models. When the CO Sensor detects elevated levels of carbon monoxide, the generators automatically shut off and will remain off for approximately five minutes, with an indication to move to a well-ventilated space. The CO Sensor graphic and LED indicator lights have been added to the control panels to notify the user of carbon monoxide emission levels or system malfunctions.

“As a leader in the portable generator industry, Yamaha supports the technology that enhances the overall protection and performance of our products,” said Kevin Reed, Yamaha Outdoor Power Products division senior manager. “Whether for DIY projects, emergency back-up power, or camping, delivering safe and reliable power is our top priority as we continue to make this technology a standard feature across our lineup while maintaining the performance and reliability that our customers have come to expect.”

In addition to the CO Sensor, various protection systems are also included to maintain the performance and operation of the generators. All Yamaha generators are equipped with a Low Oil Warning System that shuts off the engine if the oil level drops too low. To prevent electric shock, the EF3000iS/iSEB, EF4500iSE, and EF6300iSDE are equipped with a ground earth terminal while the EF5000D/DE and EF7200D/DE feature advanced dual GFCI 120V outlets that automatically cut off power if they sense a leak to ground. 

To deliver reliable power for a wide range of uses, all Yamaha generators model range EF3000iS/iSEB up to EF7200D/DE are equipped with a 30-amp outlet capable of powering many appliances for emergencies at home or powering RVs and trailers at primitive campsites with a twist-lock adapter. For an even greater variety of uses from camping to DIY projects, the EF3000iS/iSEB and EF4500iSE are equipped with dual 20-amp outlets to power standard appliances and tools. All generators from the EF5500D and up are also equipped with full-power 120/240 dual voltage four-prong locking outlets capable of serving as an emergency home backup.

Yamaha EF7200DE Generator

Yamaha’s inverters and generators are packed with a wide range of features to improve performance and reliability, while making them easier to use. EF3000iSEB to the EF7200DE feature an effortless turn-key or push-button electric start and fuel gauge. Available on select models, Yamaha’s Smart Throttle automatically adjusts engine speed to reduce noise and conserve fuel for maximum efficiency, Yamaha’s Noise Block Sound Reduction keeps noise to 58-64 decibels, quiet enough to hold a conversation nearby without disturbing neighbors, and rugged wheels provide easy transportation, even through dirt and gravel surfaces. For added peace of mind, all Yamaha Generators are backed by a three-year limited warranty.

To learn more about Yamaha’s full lineup of generators equipped with the new CO Sensor, visit www.yamahamotorsports.com/powerproducts, and follow Yamaha at www.facebook.com/yamahapowerproducts, and www.instagram.com/yamahapowerproducts. #Yamaha #YamahaMotor #YamahaGenerators

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