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TenPoint Crossbows – Perfection Lives Here

Meet the TenPoint Flatline 460™

TenPoint Crossbows continues its dominance in crossbow speed, accuracy, and shoot-ability with the fastest compact crossbow the world has ever seen.

Hunting Texas Whitetail with Crossbows

The Whitetail Diaries team continues their annual Yamaha media camp in Texas as we join Writer David Draper and TenPoint Crossbows’ Brian Flaherty.

Big Brow Tines and First Whitetail Deer

We join Casey Cordeiro on his first whitetail deer hunt with the Thompson/Center Compass II in Texas and then we join TJ Dillashaw with TenPoint’s Nitro XRT.

The Pursuit of Whitetail With Handguns and Crossbows

Wade begins his season with a crossbow hunt in Central Texas and ends the season with a handgun hunt in South Texas with both hunts having up close and personal encounters with whitetail deer.

Close Encounters with Crossbows and Handguns

This episode of the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries takes a look at a crossbow hunt out of a pop-up blind with our own Kevin Giesecke, we’ll check out his heart rate with the Garmin Virb and new TenPoint Crossbow models. Then we’ll head out with Yamaha’s Steve Nessl on a handgun hunt with Smith & Wesson…

Ten Points!

In this episode of Yamaha’s Whitetail Diaries, we join host Wade Middleton as he hunts with a TenPoint Crossbow in search of a mature Texas whitetail buck. TenPoint Crossbows & Ten Point Bucks – a great combination!  

Crossbows & Whitetail

The popularity of crossbow hunting continues to soar and in this show it’s all about the crossbows as we head out into the field with two hunters carrying their Ten Point Crossbows. Crossbows & Whitetails

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