Hunting Ponds in the Early Season

In this episode of the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, we’re out in San Saba County, Texas. Wade Middleton is returning to a pond site where he encountered an enormous whitetail last year, determined to cross paths with him once again he’s been using scouting cameras all year to help located and pattern him. He’s now on a pattern and Wade has chosen to hunt with one of the oldest hunting cartridges in the world the .30-06 and he’ll be firing it from a Thompson/Center Compass rifle. The T/C® COMPASS® is a great choice of rifles that can match any budget. Building on a heritage of accurate, affordable firearms – from a trusted American brand. Designed to deliver today’s sport shooters and hunters with a feature-rich bolt-action rifle at an affordable price point, the T/C Compass elegantly blends American-made craftsmanship and value into a professional-grade rifle. Then later on in the episode we get the ultimate breakdown on how to track an animal after you have taken a shot. When it comes to tracking, you can spend a lot of hours on your hands and knees looking for any kind of sign that will help you recover your deer. But you can make some mistakes along the way if you’re not careful. Wade and his crew still learn something new every time they go out in search of a deer and they’re going to share with you some of the biggest mistakes people make and how you can avoid bumping a deer and losing him forever. To wrap up this episode we share Yamaha Outdoors’ Scott Newby first handgun hunting experience and his encounter with giant 8 point buck as he goes out hunting with the Performance Center 460XVR handgun for the first time.


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