Hawk’s Superior Steel Box Blinds

Hawk Releases ‘The Double’, ‘The Compound’, and

‘The Office’ Box Blinds

Hawk’s new line of premium box blinds provide hunters of all ages and experience levels with superior comfort and reliability! Each box blind has insulated interior and exterior steel surfaces as well as insulated powder-coated steel floors, making every blind built to last. They are equipped with foam insulated walls and steel floors that are topped with a 1’’ high-density rubber mats, making even the noisiest hunters hard to detect. All box blinds ship fully assembled and field ready. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Every Hawk box blind has an ultra-dark black interior, preventing shadows and allowing for easy movement to shoot. Hunters can shoot through any of the one-piece roto-molded window frames, which are equipped with eaves to keep you dry, even in the most adverse weather conditions. The windows are made up of a one hand operable silent window system, made of residential glass, and the doors are full-frame “RV” style door with a handle and lock included.

The Compound Box Blind ‘The Compound’ unit measures 7.25’ W x 5.75’ D x 6.5’ T
The Double Box Blind ‘The Double’ measures 5’ W x 6’ D x 6.5’ T
The Office Box Blind The ‘The Office’ unit measures 6’ W x 6.5’ T

Multiple tower combo options can also be purchased with the blinds, including a 5ft and 10ft tower base. For more details about any of the Hawk box blind and all of Hawk’s for 2021, please visit www.hawkhunting.com.


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