Record Rack Blocks Help in Times of Drought

How We Manage Our Property

One thing that is very important to me is taking care of and managing a property that I’m hunting on. One of the ways I like to manage a property is ensure that we have got an overall supplemental feed program in place (deer blocks, protein, corn, etc). I especially feel that is important in parts of Texas where the natural forage for deer and other game species is limited and or affected by drought. I know not everyone will agree and in fact, a lot of folks are against supplemental feeding programs, and THAT IS OKAY! That is totally their choice but it is not one I agree with so, to each his own. I feel a good program increases your herd, allows you to see bigger and better game, and therefore less sits in the stand looking at nothing.

As I mentioned earlier, I want to do everything that I possibly can to both attract game and over the long haul have healthier game. This will allow us to have more hunting opportunities and at times even take larger than normal animals in that area. There is NO QUESTION in my mind that a supplemental feeding program like this pays off. One of the parts of my programs is broken down below and in this video. 

Giving a Food Plot New Life

We have an area called the “Middle Field” on one of our deer leases. In a wet year, we will have a nice 5-acre food plot but in a dry year, we just have dirt in that same area. One of the things that we do during those dry years is to augment the area by putting out a couple of Record Rack Deer Blocks. I do this in addition to our free choice protein feeding program through on-demand feeders as well as timer corn feeders in the area.

Deer fedding on Record Rack Deer Block
Feed to deer in their native habitat as a supplement to their natural diet. Consumption will vary according to the natural food supply, the season and the animal’s needs and condition.

These blocks are very palatable and draw game of various species in quickly thanks to the Wild Berry flavor packed into them. You can actually smell it when you open them up and whitetail deer can smell them from miles away, I’ve seen them come into the block’s noes in the air sniffing right up to it right after we’ve put them out. The benefit to the blocks is they are designed with Record Rack’s Optimum Performance Technology™ and are fortified with vitamins, minerals, and nutrition to supplement natural habitats.

Record rack Deer Block Label

Within these blocks is a proprietary nutrient formulation that delivers a unique and consistent blend of ingredients that ensures maximum palatability and consumption. Anything that is going to come in here, and eat it, is going to get some mineral and some nutritional benefit out of it. Also, you can put game species in front of cameras that way for surveys as well as in range to hunting stands.

It honestly doesn’t get any easier than that!

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