GEMTECH® Introduces New, Modular Lunar® 9 Suppressor

GEMTECH Lunar 9 suppressor features dual-configuration design, superior sound suppression

GEMTECH Suppressors announced today that it has introduced a new, modular 9mm suppressor – the GEMTECH Lunar 9.  In addition to exceptional sound suppression, the GEMTECH Lunar 9 provides flexibility, with an innovative tube design that allows it to be quickly converted from a 7” suppressor to a shorter 4.7” suppressor, by simply unscrewing the tube extension.  The new GEMTECH Lunar 9 suppressor is compatible with a variety of threaded barrel pistols, carbines, and rifles chambered for 9mm and subsonic 300 BLK that are currently on the market.

Lane Tobiassen, President, said, “There are a growing number of manufacturers introducing firearms with threaded barrels designed to support the attachment of a suppressor. Threaded barrel pistols and pistol caliber carbines have become popular options for use with suppressors, and we have designed a high quality, innovative, reliable, versatile suppressor that offers great sound reduction.”
The GEMTECH Lunar 9 suppressor offers significant sound reduction in both size configurations when using subsonic 9mm and subsonic 300BLK ammunition.  The suppressor is constructed from 7075 aluminum with a 17-4 stainless steel blast baffle for increased durability. The GEMTECH Lunar 9 is compatible with all GEMTECH GM®-9/ Multimount™mounting accessories, making it ready for use on a wide range of host firearms. The GEMTECH Lunar 9 disassembles quickly and easily, and its aluminum baffles feature a hard-coat anodized finish for increased durability and easy cleaning. The Lunar 9 suppressor comes complete with one ½x28 piston and has an MSRP of $616.
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