Kansas Muzzleloader Season

It’s been about thirteen to fourteen years since Wade has made it up to Kansas and when you talk to a lot of people that hunt up here, everybody says, they’re big, they’re big, they’re big! Big up here can be put in two different ways. You can be talking about their body size or they can be talking about their antlers because they grow both of them big in this part of the world.

Once settling into camp Wade got reacquainted with his Thompson/Center Impact!SB muzzleloader down at the range. This muzzleloader is an updated model to a proven platform. Equipped with a Cabela’s scope specifically designed for muzzleloaders, Wade got dialed into where he felt very accurate out to 150 yards. You can obviously shoot it farther but knowing what you are comfortable with and not pushing your own set limits makes you a great hunter.

Make Shift Ground Blind
A view from the Garmin VIRB of Wade and Jeff’s Brush Blind

Wade and cameraman Jeff Reynolds found a picture-perfect spot on the edge of a food plot facing a pond and tons of potential bedding areas and built an improvised ground blind out of the nearby vegetation for an afternoon hunt. With opening day of the Kansas Muzzleloader season in Mid-September, temperatures can still be on the warm side and when it’s that hot, you can bust deer a lot of times when you go into some of the stands and hunting areas early in the morning and that can change their pattern. If you can leave them alone and let them do what they want to do and come back in the afternoon, there could be a lot deer bedded down and you can intercept as they go to feed.

With confidence in both his setup and muzzleloader watch Wade and Jeff hunt the farmlands of Kansas and have a parade of deer almost run them all over.

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