The Pursuit of Whitetail With Handguns and Crossbows

In this episode of Yamaha’s Whitetail Diaries, we showcase the bookends of the 2018 Hunting Season with Wade. He begins his season with a crossbow hunt in Central Texas and ending the season with a handgun hunt in South Texas with both hunts having up close and personal encounters with whitetail deer.

Crossbow hunting continues to rise in popularity and as you know we love to hunt with our TenPoint Crossbows as they lead the industry with their powerful lineup. We will take a look at one of TenPoint’s Newest Crossbows for 2019, the Nitro XRT. This crossbow has been labeled TenPoint’s most powerful crossbow ever, reaching speeds up to 470 feet-per-second.

Ground Blind Brushed In Near Pond
Cabela’s Pop-Up Ground Blind setup at the top of a pond dam

We are also going to look back at one of Wade’s memorable hunts from the beginning of the season. He’s hunting with the TenPoint Nitro X, another powerful crossbow in the TenPoint Crossbows Arsenal. Wade will be hunting out of a pop-up blind on the top of a pond dam overlooking a flood plain. Deer have frequented the area due to its lush forbs thanks to the pond along with ample shade to keep them cool during the warm days of the early season.

In the second part of the show, we join Wade during the last hunt of the 2018 season. He’s set up in an area that he hasn’t hunted before, but mature deer have been spotted on camera. One particular buck has eluded Wade for the past year never seeing him in person, only on our StealthCam’s. He decides to end his hunting season with one of his favorite firearms, the Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter in their popular handgun configuration chambered in .308. Wade will venture out to the area known as “The Windmill” in hopes of meeting this buck face-to-face.


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