In the Fields of Wyoming

Ever dreamed of hunting the in Wyoming for whitetails? Enjoying the diversity and terrain from big fields, river bottoms and hills? Then you’ll you enjoy this whitetail hunt in Wyoming for Whitetail Deer as Wade joins the Four Horse Outfitters and World Wide Trophy Adventures on this journey westward. How did the hunt come about in the first place…read below as posted and written by Wade Middleton.

Last spring while on a slow turkey hunt in Texas I was day dreaming about other hunts from the past and while in one of those dreams it dawned on that it had been far too long since I’d hunted Wyoming and made a note to change that. Upon returning home from that very slow turkey hunt I picked up the phone and called Caleb Sutton at World Wide Trophy Adventures and asked him for insight into anything new he’d found in that area it didn’t take him long to tell me of his experience at Four Horse Outfitters just outside of Giddings, Wyoming the year before. He quickly texted me a photo of a buck he’d taken and gave me details and I said sign me up I’m in. Little did I know this location he recomed was far more than just an outfitting operation.

To set the stage for this hunt after securing dates and a tag I’d began to talk and email Fonzy Haskell who heads up the outfitting of the hunts on the property. He’d been very quick to reply and helpful in what to expect and how we’d hunt and since I’d not hunted with them before I always appreciate that type of quick and informative response. Travel wise I’d chosen to fly into Denver and drive northward to the ranch and upon arrival there I was greeted by Matt and Anna Burch part of the family that owns the ranching and hunting operations at their house as well as our guide Terry Walker. In addition to meeting all of those great folks I also met several other ranch hands who’d just came in from a long day working cattle and when they say working cattle there they mean it the old fashioned way as I was now smack dab in the middle of an operation that covers well over 300,000 acres that they hunt and work cattle on… That’s a lot of land by any body’s standards. After a big dinner and lots of talking about those various topics you tend to just ramble about at any camp it was time to call it a day and wait for the hunt to begin.

When it comes to Wyoming you can expect to be on large properties that at times based on some of my other trips to the state to hunt and by that I mean big expansive areas of land that offer a wide range of hunting opportunities for Elk, Mule Deer, and Pronghorn and for me on this trip Whitetail. As we made our way across the ranch seeing the sights and talking hunting with Terry we saw big herds of both Mule Deer and Pronghorn which isn’t uncommon.

When it comes to Wyoming Mule Deer and Pronghorn get most of the hunting pressure and when it comes to whitetail hunting it’s widely felt that this is an under hunted resource but if you can find those pockets of whitetail in creek bottoms, near farmland you can often find big herds of whitetail.

For this hunt I was going to rifle hunt and would be bringing along a Thompson Center Venture Weather shield model in 300 Win Mag. More than capable of long range shots and the knockdown power to deliver what I prefer and that’s a lethal shot at any range I would shoot. In talking to both Caleb and Fonzy when planning the hunt I knew we would be hunting mostly around an area that featured a large irrigated alfalfa field with the Belle Fourche River running through it framed by a backdrop of the Devils Tower. To say the least I could spend hours looking at that backdrop and often found myself in the early hours of the hunt distracted by the scenery despite my guide Terry always being ready to move on as he knew more deer were always just ahead.

One of Terrys plans and hopes was to try stalking and still hunting into both shooting and camera range of the deer there in this field as well as bedded down in the many areas along the river and up into the canyon draws. That type of hunting with three folks is always a challenge but one I’m always up for. You’ll have to watch the show link to see how we did. For me after that hunt I know now why I love hunting this part of nation and I can promise you I won’t wait as long to go back and hopefully spend time again with the folks at 4 Horses as they know how to not only manage land but take care of those that come to hunt with them.

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