Bullseye Introduces Sniper Edition Long-Range Target Camera

SME, the maker of the prestigious Bullseye target camera systems, has just released the new Bullseye Sniper Edition Long-Range Target Camera. Building on the original Bullseye long-range camera design, the new Sniper Edition incorporates a more streamlined chassis and enhanced overall functionality for those shooters seeking the ultimate in extreme-distance, live-view shot tracking, and logging.

The heart of the Bullseye Sniper Edition is its sophisticated Wi-Fi system, comprised of a powerful transmitter and a fine-tuned receiver capable of operating up to one mile in direct line-of-sight conditions. The high-definition 960P camera provides a clear, live view of distant targets. Robust, weather-resistant chassis boasts multiple position-adjustment features, such as a ball joint-swivel camera lens housing, tripod mount bushing for elevated positioning, and telescoping flip-up legs with serrated feet to accommodate any terrain. The Wi-Fi transmitter is also fully adjustable to achieve the ideal line of transmission across challenging distances.

The system employs sophisticated Target Manager software offering numerous shot tracking and point-of-impact management options, including last shot blinking identification, color shot designations for multiple shooters, firearms, or load variations, plus group measurement and sight-in adjustment calculations. All these features can be utilized on phones or tablets; the system is compatible with all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

For more information on this and other Bullseye Camera Systems, click here.

Bullseye Long-Range Camera Specifications

  • One-mile range
  • High-definition 960P
  • All in one unit: camera, Wi-Fi transmitter with removable long-range Wi-Fi receiver and ball joint swivel camera moves 15º in each direction off center
  • Adjustable Wi-Fi transmitter, built-in hinge and locking cantilever for up to 90º tilt-n-lock, and rotation for direct line of sight to the receiver
  • Removable and dockable Wi-Fi receiver
  • Wi-Fi receiver and transmitter LED indicators for verification of power and signal strength
  • Integrated battery charging system & Wi-Fi features independent charging system
  • Camera and receiver fitted with a ¼” standard tripod mount
  • Built-in camera sunshade
  • LED illumination for low light conditions
  • Flip-up telescoping legs for angled use of 15º to 25º
  • Base: 4 serrated gripping feet for level use
  • Tactical low gloss black, SME green identifying highlights
  • Weather resistant
  • MSRP: $649.99

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