Lucky or Good?

Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries heads out with two special guests on a early rut hunt where we'll be treated to a good time in the field with Country Singer Lucas Hoge and Cabela's Jeremy Wonch. You Be The Judge!  

Preparation For The Hunt

Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries takes a look at the preparation that goes into a successful hunt. Then we head out with our TenPoint Phantom RCX crossbow looking for that perfect whitetail. Lots of Preparation Time Goes Into A Hunt  

A Texas Double

A Texas Double - It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries crew meets up with Tony Miele from Smith & Wesson Performance Center and goes on a whitetail hunt with the Model 620 .44Mag and the 460 XVR. Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries welcomes Tony Miele from the Smith & Wesson Performance Center... Continue Reading →

Let’s Deer Hunt

Let's Deer Hunt In this episode of Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries we spend time in the field with the new Thompson Center Compass Rifle where Yamaha's Steve Nessl will chase warm weather whitetails with host Wade Middleton as they showcase a mix of hunting strategies in order to get a chance at a whitetail.

Lucky or Good?

Lucky or Good? You Be The Judge! Warm up your vocal chords because in this entry of Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries, we go out with Cabela's Jeremy Wonch and Country Music Singer Lucas Hoge!  Find out what goes on when they're out hunting for some Texas Whitetail.

Kentucky Bow Hunt

  Kentucky Bow Hunt In this episode Wade Middleton visits Central Kentucky with dreams of harvesting a whitetail buck that might still be in velvet during the opening weekend of the season. While there he'll be hunting with Salt River Outfitters. Later in the show we head over to North Carolina to debut the all... Continue Reading →

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