The Block that Brings Deer In and Keeps Them There!

Ever since we started using the Purina Quick Draw Block we saw two big changes.  The first thing we noticed is that we saw deer come into the area where we put the block out that normally have rarely been seen. We’re able to get some pictures off our Stealth Cams to look and pattern the deer for upcoming hunts.

Finally, we noticed that over the course of a new deer season, our deer our bigger! We’re not just talking about antlers though, our deer’s body mass has increased in our bucks and does alike. The Purina’s Quick Draw Block is critical year round.

During the Spring, providing the Quick Draw Block during this time helps promote antler growth, and keeps does and fawns healthy and growing. In the Summer, when the Texas heat is bearing down on the land, forage can be scarce especially during droughts. This block contains minerals and nutrients critical for your deer’s growth and those high-stressed times.

Even deploying this block during the rut is a benefit. Bucks and does are constantly active running great distances chasing or being chased so they lose a lot of weight. Having this Quick Draw Block available will help keep your deer’s weight in check.

You can find Purina Quick Draw Blocks at a local Purina Dealer.


3 thoughts on “The Block that Brings Deer In and Keeps Them There!

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  1. I’ve got an issue with deer coming in from 2am to 5am and the evening around 8pm to midnight. All my game cameras are catching them at these times. I have plenty of corn and mineral blocks with B&J out as well. They are killing these food sources but as I stated they are in there before daylight or after dark… Any sugestions. Thanks


    1. Some deer only seem to move around those times. I think some deer are just built to be nocturnal and I’ve seen it more times than I want to admit! In those cases you’ve got to play the numbers game of waiting for right conditions to force that deer to move at other times so that you’ve got a shot. First don’t pressure the stand to cause him to leave by hunting it too much.

      Second, figure out based on the location and conditions what you need to do to get a shot at the deer. Such as waiting till weather and winds force that deer to feed more often. If you start to get photos of the deer in daylight note the time and conditions on that day and do your best to hunt same or similar conditions. Good luck and hope to see a photo of you posing with him someday soon


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